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I’m off to America for the first time in my life, New Orleans to be exact…tips of places to drink, eat and see will be very much appreciated. SO EXCITED AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Like a message in a bottle, words were just delivered from 1991, cried a little, I’ve come a long way since that McDonalds Birthday… #thethingsyoufindwhenpackingyourlifeaway
I took a lot pictures yesterday at the London Marathon but this one encapsulates the current feelings swimming around my far from a ocean currently hackney dwelling grey matter more then any other…gosh, the love, the love given freely by strangers to sweat drenched pavement warriors was overwhelming. The determination by my fellow humans to battle there demons, hold mentally aloft there loved and lost ones and run, walk, crawl 26 miles before my very eyes is something that will live with me for the rest of my liqueur filled life. I must run this race, I must humbly attempt to match the determination, grit and cast iron will on display yesterday.   As I sign off and before the digital ink drys I must salute my Run Dem Crew, you guys…wow…as the world continues to turn and more and more people are lacing up there trainers and starting there relationship with the road, I feel very lucky to be part of such a family. Onwards and upwards. Ghost x
Lucy Rose’s dog is a dream…I need a dog. Bad.
Haw haw, true?
That’s going to be me and her one day…
A beauty in Berlin tried to stop me from going home, “Auf Wiedersehen” was the only words I could muster as I ran in the other direction…
Me and Kele Okereke after the Atomic Bomb show in Bristol, very cool cat. Met so many interesting people doing these shows, realising more and more, one must grasp opportunities when they come a-knocking maaate
Bristol was special last night, thank you Bristol, big love to everyone involved in the William Onyeabor shows, your all diamonds. Not sure who took this picture but big love to you, my dream of looking like a cowboy is complete x WILLIAM ONYEABOR FOREVER x #williamonyeabor #luakabop
Me and Damon after the Atomic Bomb show last night, such great fun, WILLIAM ONYEABOR FOREVER MATE