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She said “stick with me deary, everything will be all white”…who am I to refuse?
"We can’t be that close, you left me behind you bastard…"
Thanks for the love @LatitudeFest, was nice to play some new bits, photo by @david_sillitoe , yes…the beard has returned, and with it, a sense of clarity…
When the Mrs brings a bag home this big, all dark clouds go away… #loveisgoodcoffee
Maybe there is such thing as perfection, maybe she’s here to take my blues away…
more then you will ever know, music news soon.
Dunwich Dynamo done. Tooting to Dunwich, around 130 Miles, er slightly fatigued. #cyclingibloodyloveyou
These new babies just arrived, Focusrite are treating me and @daddydarkrdc rather right #buildingthestudio #focusrite
Lunch from @WeAreCaboose . Lord.
Evening (yep, I made that).